The development of Dekheila Port

The development of Dekheila Port to become one of the world's major commercial hubs Discussion.

Today, Monday, January 2, the Egyptian House of Representatives will discuss the report of the joint committee from the Transport and Communications Committee and the Office of the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee, plans to develop and promote Egyptian ports, and raise their trading capacity to match the global trade movement in various types of goods.

The meeting will discuss the development and maintenance of a container terminal at berth (100) in Dekheila Port - Alexandria, in order to improve the performance of the berth and achieve maximum handling rates on it.

In addition to the establishment of an integrated logistical hub linking Sokhna and Dakhlia to link the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea through the ports of Sokhna on the Red Sea and Alexandria on the Mediterranean.

The development of Dekheila Port 

All that plus the plan to develop the port of Alexandria, which will enhance the port's chances of receiving ships with large tonnages after deepening the port's navigational corridor, which in turn will lead to an increase in the port's containerized cargo handling capacity and enhance its role to be one of the global, commercial and logistical centers at the regional, African and global levels, 
All that will be developed with the participation of the Private sector within the framework of constitutional and legal provisions to benefit from their expertise and reduce the burdens on the Egyptian government.

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