4 effective Tips to Reduce freight Shipping Costs

Planning for a shipment can be overwhelming. And setting a budget for it can be especially daunting. You might find it confusing why the shipping costs may vary from time to time or from one destination to another.

Before you ship any goods anywhere, you first need to know the cost of every step of your shipment’s journey. And if it is possible to get the most out of each step. Having full knowledge of the elements that affect shipping costs will make it easier for you to reduce your costs.

Tips to Reduce Freight Shipping Costs

In this article, we’ll go over some key factors that you should keep in mind when dealing with freight shipments, but first, you need to know the factors that affect shipping rates.


5 factors that affect freight Shipping rates:

1-  Freight Methods

Whether it's sea freight or air freight, the best freight shipping method for your goods influences the shipping rate you'll receive. You will find that sea freight’s cost is lower compared to air freight, which is significantly more expensive, however, if you’re in a hurry, air freight is probably a good option since it is considered the fastest shipping option.


2-  The package weight and dimensions

Goods are charged by the carrier according to the item's weight or dimensional weight. The weight and dimensions of the goods determine the freight class for your packages. Which will determine the shipping rates for your shipment.


3-  The shipment destination

Geographic location has an impact on freight rates as well. Usually, the longer the distance between the pickup point and the final destination, the higher the shipping cost. You should also keep in mind the complexity of the delivery route and the expenses that must be paid at every stopping point.


4-  Season

The season usually does have a huge effect on the freight rates. You will find that in some seasons, the demand for shipping increases dramatically. Also, some seasons will have higher shipping rates, like the harvesting season for grains and fruits. Which may cause the addition of the extra Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) cost.


5-  Additional shipping charges

You should always be aware of additional shipping charges like insurance, warehousing, and the packing of the goods. THC, customs clearance, and inland trucking services add to the live rates that you are getting, and that’s the way you need to make sure you have your hands on every detail of the shipment. To know how to pick the right warehouse for your goods you should check this article out 7 types of warehousing: Which Is Best For Your Goods?



4 effective Tips to Reduce Shipping Costs

1-  Always keep an eye on the shipping rates

Shipping rates are constantly changing, so you have to stay updated with the rates that the freight companies offer every week so you can pick the one that matches your expected rate.


2-  Choose the right container

Sometimes the shipping container you have chosen may not be the best suited for your goods. For instance, you may pick an FCL (full container (for your goods and later find out that you don’t need the whole container. Picking an LCL (less than a container) could have been a better option, that’s why you need to calculate exactly how much of a container you might need before committing.


3-  Pick the right shipping route

Understanding the shipping zones you intend to ship to find the fastest and most efficient routes is essential for your business. Usually, in peak season, you will find a specific route to be busier than usual, which makes the price of transporting also go up. So you will find the other, non-famous or longer routes to be less expensive.


4- Cooperating with a freight forwarder

All of these previous actions can be hard to manage sometimes, Fortunately, A third party can help you save time and money. Third-party logistics providers can guarantee that all of the steps of the supply chain are handled. Plus, they will offer you multiple carrier options and different routes with different prices to make sure your shipment cost is efficient and in line with your budget.


Why ACS is the best freight forwarder for you?


1-  one-stop-logistic services provider :

ACS has made logistics much easier, bringing together the assistance of shipping lines, vessel routes, transportation firms, shipping brokers, customs clearance agents, and insurance companies, to offer you professional worldwide logistics in one place.


2-  live rates:

We offer you a weekly live rate on our platform in a way that will let you have more control over the shipping costs and help you stay updated, making it easier for you to pick the best rate.


3-  Online platform where you can

We are launching a platform that will enable you to quote and book all the logistics services you need online! All you have to do is pick the services you need, fill in your shipment information and any additional services you want to add, and we will do all the work for you.


4-  Experience:

ACS has served more than 300 ports and 150 countries. Working 24/7 or 365 days, with years of experience working with big brands as well as helping local businesses dive into a world full of opportunity.

We concentrate on how to use of time, money, and other resources can affect your goal's effectiveness. That’s why we focus on offering quality time services at the lowest cost. Because your target is our mission.


Now that you have a full vision of what can cause the freight rate to vary, you will be able to easily and effectively put together a budget for your shipping costs, and we at ACS can help you go through every step of your supply chain. Giving you an excellent consultation service in managing your shipping as a whole, from picking the best route for you to choosing the right container. Don’t hesitate to contact us any time you need help with your shipments.

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