All about personal effects shipping

Are you moving abroad? Or considering moving abroad to study or work? Already carrying a lot of luggage? 

Use ACS's efficient personal effects shipping services to deliver all of your unaccompanied baggage to its intended location anywhere in the world without any hassle.

All about personal effects

Are you moving abroad? Or considering moving abroad to study or work? Already carrying a lot of luggage? Use our efficient personal effects shipping services to deliver all of your unaccompanied baggage to its intended location anywhere in the world without any hassle.

Travelers frequently ship their belongings in advance to a place they will be visiting. As an alternative, a package could be sent to someone who is already residing abroad.

What is personal effects cargo?

The term "personal effects" refers to shipments that include often-used goods, presents, jewelry, clothing, toiletries, or any other form of personally owned shipping prepared for relocation or transferring to another nation.

6 personal effects shipping guidelines

  1. You must complete a packing list, which is a list of the items in your shipment if you are shipping personal belongings outside of the EU. Please fill out this form without using generic terms like "Used Clothing"; instead, put things like "4 x Woollen Jumper, 2 x Denim Jeans," etc.
  2. When shipping fragile objects, bundle them tightly using padding made of clothing.
  3. Please be aware that fragile products are not covered by Send My Bag's free cover.
  4. Make sure you don't bring any forbidden items, including alcohol or aerosols, in your carry-on luggage. See our FAQs for more information.
  5. Pick a durable suitcase, double-walled box, or holdall as the proper container for your shipment, and make these containers as strong as you can. Attach all your labels well.
  6. You should refer to your country's destination page for specific information about what you may and cannot send there because customs procedures differ by country.

Personal effects shipping services cost

Depends on the size and weight of your packages. Most couriers have restrictions on the sizes and weights of the packages they can accept.
A cost per kilogram ("KG") (CHW) for air freight, a cost per cubic meter ("CBM") (CHW) for ocean freight, and a cost per both ("Two") for road freight.

Why you should let a logistics company manage your personal effect cargo?

Yes, sending personal belongings abroad is a little intimidating because there are so many details to pay attention to. However, before exporting your personal belongings, there are a lot of things to take into account. A lot of people manage it without incident.

The secret is to partner with a seasoned business that has years of experience handling door-to-door, worldwide shipments of personal items. The most crucial step is to select a nice and accommodating Freight Forwarder that will take the time to walk you through the procedure and explain what you need to do.

ACS is an expert logistics company, and with full support from NAFEZA systems and the Cargo X platform, we can manage personal effects cargo in conformity with Egypt's new customs requirements as ACI shipments.

ACS personal effects services

Shipping services

Shipments of personal items account for a significant portion of ACS logistics' activity. Personal effects are shipped via standard shipping procedures, which include sending the items through air freight, ground freight, or ocean freight cargo.

The total weights and dimensions of all the packages you will be sending are necessary information before we can begin handling any personal effect shipment.
You can mail anything that won't shatter when you lift it, including boxes, suitcases, totes, and other containers.

Packing services

If you require expert packing services, our personnel will expertly wrap, pack, and load every item to the highest international standard, ensuring that your priceless household goods arrive at your destination intact and in perfect condition.

Everywhere in the world, we assist individuals and families in safely shipping personal effects. You'll be given a personal moving consultant who will organize the proper shipping paperwork and oversee all aspects of the move until your possessions arrive securely.

Cleaners, paints, solvents, and compressed air sprays should not be packed for the protection of your other personal things as the cans may leak or rupture while in transit.

Insurance services

• Marine Insurance is recognized.
• Keep all vital travel papers and VISAs segregated.

Documentation services

Please print your packing list. We worry about the review and insurance of the B/L information, and every item needs to have a number and a description. When you need assistance, ACS will always be available via phone.

And the documents you will need are:

  • You need a Bill of Lading for sea freight.
  • You will need an Air Way Bill for air freight.
  • Your shipping inventory will be required.
  • Please inquire with your freight forwarder whether you need any further paperwork, such as a packaging declaration for wood.

Inland Transport services

Depending on how many items need to be transported and how much time is needed for travel, a certain type and size of conveyance will be used. By your needs, we can ship from or to a port, airport, or door address.

You may depend on ACS Logistics Co. for reliable shipping of your personal effects. From virtually anywhere in the world, we can aid with the facilitation of these shipments. Contact us today to receive a quote and let us assist you with your personal effect shipping needs.

Personal effects Egyptian customs Advantage:

  • For diplomats, government organizations, and anyone who isn't Egyptian:
    Egyptian customs exclude one item of each appliance in your container from taxes and VAT.
  • Exemptions for government organizations and all equipment and supply purchases made by the state, the cost of which is covered by the public treasury of the state.
  • Exemptions for regular people, such as the exclusion of doctoral students studying abroad and members of diplomatic missions employed by Egyptian consulates and embassies overseas.

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