About Us

We are a full-service provider, providing various levels of logistics and transportation services. Combining the support of shipping lines, vessel routes, transportation companies, and shipping brokers globally to create exceptional service and cost solutions for a variety of clients, especially for particular clients or cargoes.

As a freight forwarder, we combine some or all logistic services in an exceptional way, employing options for the air, land, and sea to help fulfill the shipping and transport needs of our clients. By striking the appropriate balance between time and money, their supply chain may work as a whole and provide customers with a logistics-related experience that helps them achieve their current goals, as well as unearth new ones and expand their view of what is possible.

We view ourselves as industry authorities. To ensure the achievement of our objective, which is the total happiness of our customers, we carefully and patiently develop every aspect of our product. Additionally, help them with whatever they require, whether it be any logistical services or just advice and guidance on the best course of action to safeguard their interests and keep them alert to the most effective actions they should take.

Exceptional customer service staff...

Our goal at #ACSLogisticsCo. Is to improve customer service.

Our top priority when it comes to offering first-rate customer service is communication. In our discussions with clients, we make every effort to be as thorough and prompt as possible. We want them to be as knowledgeable as we are. Teams that thrive at providing excellent customer service focus on promptness, consistency, and integrity in their customer communications.

Customer service is all about getting back to customers quickly. You  can take action more quickly the faster the information is delivered. Building a trusting connection requires consistency in communicating. By forming alliances with reliable and high-caliber businesses, #ACSLogisticsCo builds and maintains its clientele. If we weren't a pleasure to work with, our consistency and revenue would suffer. We promise to be completely honest with our clients, including the bad news. We reassure them that we will try to find a solution rather than guaranteeing that we would always know what to do.

ACS’s top priority when it comes to offering first-rate customer service is honest communication, we promise to be completely honest with our clients.


Visualizing what we want to accomplish in the long run is the first step toward success. For our path toward achieving our future objectives, our vision defines the course and serves as the source of inspiration.

To become a prominent freight forwarder with a robust network of branches in Egypt. Through this network, which is supported globally by integrated global alliances, we provide our customers with a full range of services.


We strive to realize our vision every day by acting in accordance with our mission. Making wise and sustainable judgments is guided by our mission.

We offer integrated, superior customs and logistics services that save costs, increase efficiency, and reduce the environmental impact for our clients.

It is accomplished by our personnel. As a result, we consistently make investments in their training and assistance in order to increase both their competence and well-being.





Our Values

Trust and Responsibility: We give trust and take responsibility.

ACS’s Team spirit is what makes us stand out in the freight business. We are a strong team that works hand in hand in delivering the best services possible.

Team spirit

We are only able to please our clients and accomplish our shared objectives when we work together as a team.

ACS’s Flexibility is one of our strengths in the business, we are trained to handle any obstacle that may hinder your shipment.


We can alter our thoughts, methods, ways of functioning, etc. since life is continuously changing.

ACS’s quality is something we are known for, with a wide network around the world and a team of professionals, our freight services are exceptional.


The effectiveness of our services raises consumer satisfaction.

ACSoffer the  Cost-aware plan since we offer the best rates in the logistics field while optimizing the best freight solution for your budget.


We concentrate on how to use time, money, and other resources as effectively as possible in both our ideas and deeds.