What is Warehousing?

A warehouse is a very important step in the retail supply chain. Usually, there is a gap in time in every shipping process where you will need a special place to keep your cargo, that’s why warehousing services are important. it Is the final step of protecting your cargo go through before shipping, where products are organized in bins and pallets in a safe place designed to keep away from any threats. There are different types of warehouses based on the nature of your goods, some goods need a controlled climate, away from humidity, or pressure, and some other products need to be stored at a specific temperature.

Based on your cargo’s weight, quantity, and CBM you can now pick the perfect warehouse.

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There are two types of Warehousing

With ACS’s warehousing service you can get part or a space of the warehouse not the whole place based on your cargo’s CBM or Weight.

Part of Warehouse

Is getting a part or a space of the warehouse, not the whole place based on your cargo’s CBM or Weight?

ACS offers you a private warehousing service where you can enjoy a full warehouse exclusively for your business based on contracts and shipments.

Private Warehouse

Is the service where you rent a warehouse exclusively for your business based on contracts and shipments.

If you need any warehousing services don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Advantages of Warehousing Service

Protect your Shipments

No Risk

Reduce Wages and Labor

Getting Readiness of Shipment

Handle the Pickup from it

not from your factory

Handle the Packing and Labeling

Effective Warehouse Management

Plan the Layout of the Warehouse

Keep the Warehouse Organized

Use Bin Locations and Labeling

Ensure Safety

Train the Staff Properly

Reduce Inventory that Doesn't Sell

Utilize a Quality Warehouse Management System with Mobile Features

Logistic Services to make your shipping easier

ACS’s strong logistic services and solutions. your ticket to going international.

ACS offering you a top Sea Freight services you might need, with our experienced shipping logistics team your cargo is in good hands.

Sea Freight

We are leaders in sea freight services, by providing competitive rates for FCL & LCL ocean freight for all shipments kinds and sizes

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Air freight

When you need reliable air freight to achieve your business goals, we can support you with our wide range of services.

ACS presents the best Customs Clearance service in the freight field, guaranteeing a fast and cost-friendly customs clearance procedure.

Custom Clearance

Choosing our Customs Clearance Services, we provide you know-how around, rules, regulations as well as cargo documents.

ACS will offer you the top freight Cargo insurance you might need, promising that your cargo shipment is safe, and cost-efficient.

Cargo Insurance

Our Value Protect service offers an affordable alternative to shipping insurance to protect your cargo from accidents like fire, theft, and bad weather.

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Packing / Repacking

Packing and Packaging services are one of the main steps in the process of freight shipping to make sure your cargo is safe from any damage or loss. you can save your effort and reduce your costs by getting our professional services by using the right materials.

Packing / Repacking services