Enjoy a quick and safe air shipping experience with ACS.

Does your business rely on the efficiency of air freight? Would you like to save the time and effort you spend arranging all your logistics processes? Leave all that work for us.

We will handle your product journey from A to Z, as we offer all-around logistics services covering all your needs with our fully integrated Online Freight Platform, leaving you the time to focus on developing and managing your own business. We’ve designed our services to match the challenges you may face and give you an advantage in your business.

Our Air Freight Benefits:

As a market leader in Air freight, we provide comprehensive personal services through the best of both worlds – a global network with unrivaled local expertise. Save time by using our online platform acslogco.com to quote, book, and track your shipments

With ACS you are dealing with an experienced professional team in the field of air freight that will manage all air logistics process.

Simple Of Dealing

Enjoy the experience of dealing with a professional team that understands your needs and can tailor a solution just for you with a talented customer service team and a bee cell as an operation team to put your business on the right path.

ACS has a wide global logistics network that will make the air freight and customs much easier and grant a smooth delivery.

Global Network Access

Having access to our global network enables you to take advantage of our close relationships with prime carriers and network of agents’ main business worldwide spots to achieve a smooth delivery of your cargo by following the latest incoterms.

Your all shipment will receive the attention and priority it needs as we treat all of our customers equally no matter how small or big your business is.

Get Priority

All of our clients’ shipments have the same priority in operation, and that is because our regulation with the key account system helps us focus on all shipments at the same time as we invest a lot in our experience improvement.

All of Your shipments in ACS are planned, controlled, and measured according to Cargo IQ procedures following the globally recognized industry standard.

Cargo IQ

Your air freight shipments are in good hands being planned and measured by our logistics specialists according to Cargo IQ regulations that set standards for the worldwide air cargo industry, following global instructions and recognized industry standards.

Sign up for ACS integrated online logistic platform and start managing your logistic process easily, or contact us for help, we will cover all your needs.

Get In Touch

After you sign up for our platform, you will find out how we can simplify your air freight logistics and handle your cargo by quoting and booking directly on acslogco.com Also, you will get a full vision with our special monthly rates that will fit your cargo needs.

With ACS enjoy fast and cost-friendly logistics services, where you don’t have to worry about fluctuating costs with special fixed rates.

Speed Cost

Just three easy steps to book to save time and define your air cargo volume. We always make sure to meet your requirements with flexibility, regardless of the size and weight of your cargo CHW is the dependable volume of the air freight business.

Chargeable weight calculations

Air freight charges cargo shipping costs based on a special calculation. Where the volume-measured weight known as "volumetric weight" is calculated first, then the greatest value is picked between the actual weight and the volumetric weight.

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Experience using our portal and website as a gate to all your logistics and supply chain services needs is a beneficial way to handle business-to-business by saving time and effort with a direct online service it's our pleasure to share this experiment with you

ACS’S professional cargo insurance services and solutions. Your goods will be protected against unpredictable events.

Cargo Insurance

Sit back and relax knowing that your goods are protected against unpredictable events.

Cargo Insurance Service