Terms Of Services

General Terms Of Services and conditions:

1.    Accepting this terms and conditions means that you agreed for ACS Logistics to be your logistics provider in a specified or contracted service of your selection.

2.    ACS as a logistics services provider instructs its contracting customer with services for itself or third parties.

3.    Subject to space and equipment availability.

4.    Subject to clear S/D with all required data on customer responsibility.

5.    Vessels / Flights departure or arrival date & transit time are estimated & subject to carrier. 

6.    Cargo weights and dimensions must specified by shipper.

7.    Air cargo applied depending on Chargeable weight at the loading airport

8.    Assign Containers / Reefer & Pick up 3 working days before cutoff

9.    VGM and final submit as Booking shown cutoff. incomplete or missing filing required S/I or VGM May apply extra charges .

10. stuffing cargo in bulk is not acceptable

11. Gate in and finish custom certificate 1 working day before cutoff

12. Cargo needs to be adequately lashed and secured.

13. Cargo loading and unloading at origin location in no more than Eight hours.

14. There will be additional fees in the event of a delay or overnight delay.

15. Due to routing changes made at the customer's request, additional fees and charges were assessed.

16. We may have Changes or delays in services Due to natural forces or governmental regulations.

17. In case of manifest edit apply all claims or charges fees on customer account

18. All rates excluding any official receipts.

19. All rates excluding VAT or TAXs if applied

20. THC & D/O subject to change against to currency daily exchange rate.

21. The responsibility to ensure that all deadlines as provided by ACS Logistics must be respected.

22. The carrier reserves the right to collect the extra charges in case of late gate in.

23. Our services for general and non Imo cargo.

24. Our services based on free in / out basis – unless specified.

25. Electronically or digitally created documents shall be considered equal to written documents. Such as ( E-Invoices , online or E- banking payments )

26. Every variation, cancellation or waiver of services must applied and signed by a Director of the customer Company in enough time. If not extra charges may be apply on customers account

We have all the right to pending any services in case of the wrong and not clear information provided by customer or the cargo nature that not compatible to be handle.