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With our value product offers, we will make sure your cargo reaches its destination safely, with affordable shipping insurance packages from any natural force or accidents like theft or fire. Your cargo is safe with ACS.

What is Value Protect?

Value protection is a substitute or an alternative form of insurance that can replace or be used in addition to regular cargo insurance. When you book a shipment you will have to fill in a contract alongside the bill of lading that defines the duties and rights of each party in the shipping process, the international laws, and the terms and conditions that govern the transportation of goods around the world.

But when you give the authority to the shipping company, you have to ensure your cargo is safe in their hands. And here comes the value product part that will make sure you receive full compensation in case anything happens to your cargo. We have the right solutions.

Value Protect is an alternative form of cargo insurance that can replace or be used in addition to regular cargo insurance in sea freight shipping.

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How Much Does Value Protect Cost?

We offer you competitive transparent pricing options and different packages that suit your needs. 

Add value protection during your booking process in just one click.

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Find Our Value Protect Package For Your Cargo

First Package


/per cargo
  • Compensates up to 15,000 USD of cargo value

Second Package


/per cargo
  • Compensates up to 30,000 USD of cargo value

Third Package


/per cargo
  • Compensates up to 60,000 USD of cargo value

Fourth Package


/per cargo
  • Compensates up to 120,000 USD of cargo value

What Does Value Protect Cover?


  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Fault or neglected
  • Failure in navigation
  • Accidents
  • Due to navigate in heavy weather
  • Saving life or property at sea
  • Cargo damages caused by delay
  • General Average contribution
  • Ports in/out collision damage

Don't Cover

  • Commercial Damage
  • Financial losses as a result of delay
  • Defect and wrongful handling by shipper
  • Geopolitical events
  • Natural disasters
Value Protect is very important to guarantee the safety of your cargo from the dangers of the ocean from accidents like storms or theft.

Why is Value Protect very important for sea freight shipping?

Shipping your cargo with sea freight shipping could be full of risks, due to natural causes accidents like storms or bad weather in general, or the threat of sea pirates stealing your shipment, and that’s why value protection is very important, to guarantee the safety of your cargo from the dangers of the ocean, and you can do all that with fewer efforts now, all you have to do sign in into our online platform and request a value protect.

General Average for example:

General average is a maritime law principle that indicates that all the stakeholders (owner, shipper) should share the losses and the damages a cargo might face evenly. The loss should be considered general average in the case that the sacrifice is extraordinary or is made to assure the common safety of the ship and the crew.
An example: shippers without insurance had to pay 60% of the freight cost (CFR) which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars.
The general average includes value products and is covered in a way that makes sure you get the protection you need for your cargo and the compensations in case of any loss. 

With ACS sea freight service, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Your shipment will reach its destination safe and on time.

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