ACS Customs Clearance Services facilitate your freight assuring you of an effortless and secure customs clearance process With the help of our team of custom clearance specialists.

What is Customs Clearance?

It is the checking process that any cargo or products go through in ports to be approved to enter a country, where the products must meet the quota of customs clearance in each country it arrives at.

Customs clearance is the process of checking any cargo or product through ports to be approved to enter a country.

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You don’t have to worry about anything, our professional customs clearance team is up to date with all of the regulations, and the documentation needed to pass through the customs gates, No matter where you want to export or import your goods, ACS by your side for both intercontinental container shipping.

How to book your custom clearance service on the ACS platform?

Our Custom Clearance Services at ACS include

Import Customs Clearance

Is the process of inspecting and approving goods through Customs Notified and Bonded Area to be accepted into a country, by finishing up all the government's required process of submitting documentation to let goods into the country.

Export Customs Clearance

Export customs clearance is the process of clearing goods through port customs in the destination country, as some certificates must be issued and authorized by the exporting country.

Customs Transit Documentation

It is a document that gives goods the authority to pass through a country as a transit, between two or more different customs territories where the goods are held under customs control.

The most important shipping documents

Commercial Invoice

It is the invoice issued by the exporter to the importer, the receiver of the goods. and it is the most important document required in the customs clearance process for an ocean freight shipping process.

Export/Import Customs Declaration

The exports/ imports customs declaration is an important document that shows a detailed list of descriptions of goods being imported or exported when entering a customs territory, where goods intended for export or import go under some procedure.
It is prepared by It is used in the customs clearance process to calculate the expenses or taxes applicable to the goods, we at ACS will be more than happy to help you with all of these steps to make the customs clearance process much easier.

Packing List

It is a detailed overview of the cargo, an important document needed in international freight, and it includes information on the dimensions and weight of the package, how it is packed, and all the marks and numbers that are noted on the outside of the shipment's box.

Bill of Lading & Sea Waybill

The bill of lading (BOL) is a legal document issued by a carrier, it includes a receipt that gives authority to carry and ship goods, it also means that the party holding this document is the party that controls the cargo, and it serves as a proof that the carrier has received the cargo, and it is one of the primary document used in sea transport.
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Ports are the connection gate between countries where cargo shipment transactions happen, whether air freight or sea freight shipments.


Ports are the gate to any air freight or sea freight cargo shipment transactions between countries. Find all worldwide airports and sea ports here.

Cargo insurance is very important step needed to ensure the safety of your shipment and that you are compensated in case any damage happens.

Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance is the way you make sure your cargo is protected through its freight journey, and that you are compensated in case any damage happens.

Bill of lading is an important document where the owner of the cargo gives the shipper the authority of the cargo shipment till delivery.

Bill of lading

Bill of lading is a very important document given by the owner of the cargo to the shipper giving him the authority of the cargo shipment.

The Egyptian customs authority is responsible for regulating the flow of products imported into and exported from the nation.

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ACS’s special services where we help you finish all your obligations with The Egyptian customs authority, the party controlling the movement of goods imported into the country and goods exported from the country and the Monitoring of warehouses, and the one who collects the needed fees and taxes according to the customs tariff law.

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