10 Simple Steps To Register shipments with Nafeza

On April 1, 2021, Egypt introduced the “Nafeza" system, a national one-stop shop for foreign trade facilitation.

The goal of the effort is to modernize and automate customs administration, streamline processes, and speed up clearance times. It is being carried out by the Egyptian Customs Authority.

When international shipments arrive at a port of entry in Egypt, it is anticipated to speed up and simplify the review process before releasing them.

What is NAFEZA Egypt?

It is a platform that contributes to transforming Egypt into an advanced global logistics area based on the optimal use of modern technology in maximizing the benefit of the unique geographical location.

moving from a paper-to-electronic environment, and improving Egypt’s classification in three important international indicators: global competitiveness, business practice, and the economic environment. Kidneys.

Importers must go through this process with an exporter who has already signed up on the CargoX Platform. The objective of this new approach is to expedite the entry and clearance of imported commodities into Egypt.

The Egyptian Customs Authority began the “Nafeza" phase at the Port of Alexandria.

Egyptian importers began using the system to request clearance for their incoming cargo during the test period.

Use of the “Nafeza" system will be required starting on July 1, 2021. Airports and inland ports will be the second set of locations where the new system is implemented after seaports.

10 Simple Steps To Register shipments with Nafeza

How to register shipments with Nafeza?

The “Nafeza" e-portal must be accessed by the Egyptian importer of an incoming shipment to submit the necessary shipping documentation.

 An exclusive shipment identification number will be provided to the Egyptian importer following the successful completion of the necessary paperwork (ACID).

 By using the “Nafeza" online e-portal, either the Egyptian importer or a customs broker operating on their behalf may ask for the issuing of the ACID number for a certain shipment.

10 Simple Steps To Register shipments with Nafeza:

  1. The input of the shipment data by the importer into the new ACI customs system.
  2. The shipment identification number (ACID) is issued by the customs department within 48 hours.
  3. ACIDS are communicated to importers and exporters by the customs administration.
  4. To ensure that ACID is mentioned in all documentation, the exporter electronically transmits shipment data and documentation.
  5. The exporter’s data is given by the importer, who validates and acknowledges that it is accurate.
  6. Shipment is put onto the vessel, which then leaves the exporting nation.
  7. Those charges are covered by the importer.
  8. Shipment is discharged after the vessel docks in an Egyptian port.
  9. A joint committee inspects the consignment at the Egyptian port.
  10. Customs in Egypt released the shipment.

The technical support team for the “ACI" system’s numbers has been increased, a window has been set aside for all logistical issues in the “window" system in each logistic center, and the call centers of the Customs Authority are staffed.

Work is currently being done to provide immediate technical support to deal with the challenges and obstacles that may face dealers with the customs system. Trained and equipped to respond swiftly to any questions, 24 hours a day, in both Arabic and other languages.

To provide a point of contact for Swiss exporters having issues with the system, Misr Technology Services (MTS).

which developed the new system and handles technical issues faced by importers and exporters in cooperation with Egyptian Customs, can be contacted for any future questions regarding it.

And we at ACS will be with you step by step to help you with this registration.

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