10 Types Of shipping cargo packing

Packaging is an important step in the shipping process. It is the best way to guarantee that your cargo is transported safely across the ocean and protect it from potential damage.

10 Types Of shipping cargo packing

Understanding the various packaging options is crucial because selecting the proper packaging is just as crucial as selecting the best shipping service. This is because many people have experienced issues with their packages.

Which may have been damaged because of poor packaging or packaging that was inappropriate for the type and content of the package. We outline the many packing options that are appropriate for each item in this article and are frequently used in shipping centuries.

What Is Cargo Packing?

The process of preparing goods or materials for transport is called cargo packaging. To prevent harm to the cargo during transit, packaging supplies and techniques are used. Additionally, packaging aids in preventing cargo theft or loss. 

Depending on the kind of items being transported, there are numerous forms of cargo packaging. Everyone working in supply chain management understands the critical necessity of packaging and handling for cargo security. Let's begin with a succinct overview of cargo packaging throughout time.

10 Types of shipping cargo packing 

1- Bubble wrap packing:

Its ability to protect while remaining flexible, light, and waterproof is bubble wrap's most crucial quality. Transparent polyethylene bubble wrap, which is especially ideal for light package packing, is utilized as anti-shock protection.

It shields the contents of the packaging because it stabilizes the material inside and lessens the effect of shocks. The bubble wrap is also lightweight, simple to use, and quick to dry. It also does not collect or release moisture.

2- Plastic cover packing:

Plastic shipping packaging has a high degree of elasticity, is simple to mold to the shape of the box, protects against dirt during transportation, and is incredibly resilient to tearing. It may be used to wrap goods weighing up to 800 kg.

For transporting long products and products that may be folded, such as posters, photos, graphics, etc., it is one of the most convenient choices and it is also quite resilient.

3- Tube packing:

Corrugated cardboard is a strong packaging material made of three layers of kraft paper. The inner layer of waxed paper, also known as the corrugated medium or corrugated cardboard, provides the strength of cardboard. The corrugation of the inner sheet is used during production to create flutes or stiff folds in the paper.

The external liners are created by adhering to corrugated material between two sheets of kraft paper. Because it is made of three layers, corrugated cardboard is significantly more durable than standard cardboard.

4- Corrugated cardboard packing:

A corrugated board protects parcels, as it is used as a buffer between the product and the box or container in heavy parcels.

5- Cork cut packing

Cork pieces are mostly used to fill gaps in boxes and shield packages from shocks that can cause harm.

6- Solid packing:

At the external packaging stage of the packing process, the item is next placed in the assigned box by the size and type of the shipment. It is then sealed using the required materials after being sure that the product is correctly separated and wrapped. For the shipping of diverse commodities, a wide variety of boxes and containers are employed. A few of the most crucial and often-used terms in shipping are listed here.

7- Cardboard boxes:

The basic cardboard box is still the most often used and cost-effective transportation container since it is both lightweight and affordable.

8- Reinforced wood crate packing:

Crates made of reinforced wood are built wooden boxes that are used extensively in international trade and shipping. They are one of the greatest solutions in the sector of air freight because they are generally sturdy and light in weight.

9- Wooden drum and steel drum packing:

The use of wooden drums in international trade dates back to the early days and has repeatedly demonstrated its efficacy. While new steel drums are good for export and transportation, if they are not thoroughly restored and checked, your cargo may be at risk.

10- Multiwall Shipping Bag packing

Granules and powders, particularly dry chemicals, are packaged and shipped using multi-walled shipping bags. These bags are constructed from flexible containers, which are typically comprised of heavy-duty Kraft paper layers.

5 Freight cargo packing tips:

1- Distribute your weight

The weight of your goods should be distributed evenly throughout the floor area when transporting FCL. Ensure that you cover the full surface area of the container. The risk of your items shifting and bumping into one another and the walls is decreased by decreasing the amount of free space in the container.

2- Wrap carefully

Wrap the package tightly from bottom to top to keep it from moving during transportation. Put as much pressure on your container as possible. If necessary, straps can be used to secure the load.

However, avoid applying excessive force to the container door. Use a barrier or gate if necessary to avoid direct pressure. Cover your cargo in black shrink wrap to conceal its nature if someone nearby feels compelled to steal it.

3- Make sure the container is clean before loading your cargo

Before packing, you must make sure that your container is free of any debris or substance that could cause fungus. To prevent the contamination and deterioration of the goods in the container, which could cause financial losses.

4- Label correctly

The labels on your cargo should be legible and appropriate for the sort of cargo you are sending. Indicate on the box if your shipment is fragile or only intended for top loading. By doing this, you lower the probability that your container and cargo will be handled improperly, which ultimately lowers the danger of cargo.

5- Use an expert freight forwarder partner

Working with an experienced freight forwarder to ensure your items are securely packaged before being loaded onto a ship is always a good idea when exporting internationally. And because we at ACS are experts in this field, we will do all of the cargo packing services for you, ensuring a smooth shipping experience. Explore our packaging services right away.

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