What is a Full Container Load?

A full container load (FCL) is when a cargo requires the whole space of the container. It is usually the standard way to ship large cargo, where all the goods in the container are owned by one shipper, and a fixed payment is applied for the whole shipment because the shipper will be charged a flat rate for the container.
Having a full container will give you the right to use the whole container exclusively for your goods even if you don’t use every inch of the container, where you don’t have to worry about your goods getting lost or damaged by others' goods, plus all the goods will be loaded and unloaded at the same time, which will save you time and money. 

Fast and safe Sea Freight FCL Transportation

At ACS Logistics Co. we are known for speed and efficiency, you don’t have to worry about any delays. Our team of experienced logistic specialists is up to date with every sea freight regulation and has a deep understanding of the global logistic system.  With our shipment tracking solution, you will be able to track your FCL through its journey, knowing that our team has its full attention on your shipment and will be monitoring your cargo around the clock.

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ACS is always working on simplifying the freight process, we will arrange your full container sea transportation for you, working with multiple Reliable Carriers we will give you the option to pick the best carrier for you, presenting to you the best shipping price possible, Making sure you don’t pay anything more than you need.

At ACS we will provide you with the FCL solutions you need that will help you manage your cargo by designing a full container solution from A to Z in a way that assures that your cargo is packed safely. With the help of our professional operating system, we will be with you facilitating your FCL shipment step by step its way until it reaches its destination. We will offer the best freight services that match your business requirements. 

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Keep your cargo fresh, safe, and tasty with ACS’s professional reefer container services. Where we understand the unique needs of your goods.

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Do you have perishable goods that can go bad during the transportation and the storing period? Do you have temperature-controlled goods with a specific shelf life? Then you need a reefer container.
Keep your cargo fresh, safe, and tasty with ACS’s special reefer container services. Where we understand the unique needs of your goods and the requirements for cold chain shipping.

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