ACS's Privacy Policy Terms, an online freight forwarding platform, is frequently used by businesses to benefit from our online logistic services. is only for business purposes and does not collect personal information about individuals. The necessity of safeguarding the confidentiality of personal information is something that ACS Logistics Co. strongly believes in. 

This Privacy Policy outlines how we may gather, use, and disclose information relating to visitors to the Sites and applies to all services that we offer. When utilizing our services on a mobile device, whether through mobile websites or mobile applications, our Privacy Policy is applicable.


  1. Your privacy is important to us, thus we take care to only gather the data required to protect your account and offer the best services.
  2. this information, including but not limited to the user name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, and user preferences ("Registration Information"), may be gathered., During user registration on
  3. In connection with any transaction and payment services, we provide information on ("Account Information"), such as bank account numbers, billing, and delivery information, credit/debit card numbers and expiration dates, and tracking information from checks or money orders, to make it easier for customers to pay for the services they have purchased or used on the website.
  4. user and activity information is saved and kept on file. All information about such transactions, including pricing and delivery details, is made available through
  5. Occasionally, during trade exhibitions, industry conferences, and other events, we collect data about our clients and future users. Like usernames, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses are just some of the details we might gather at these sites ("Event Information").
  6. We record information on users' browsing and purchasing behaviors on our platform, including IP addresses, surfing habits, and buyer behavioral patterns. Furthermore, we collect statistical data on users, including IP addresses, browser types, operating systems, software and hardware characteristics, pages seen, session counts, and unique visitors (together, with "Browsing Information").
  7. Business data (also known as "Business Data") refers to information that is related to business enterprises in general and includes registration information, account information, activity information, event information, and browsing information. These details are collectively referred to as personal data ("Personal Data") insofar as they include personally identifiable information about actual live people.
  8. Certain kinds of Business Data and Personal Data must be provided by users of (as specified at the time of collection). Users may not be able to register for an account or receive our services if they do not submit any Business Data and/or Personal Data designated as mandatory.



If you give us any personal information, we will assume that you give us permission to gather, store, and use that information for the following purposes:

  1. First, confirm your identity;
  2. Confirm your eligibility to sign up as an user.
  3. Handling your user registration, giving you a login ID for the sites, and administering and keeping track of your registration.
  4. Delivering customer service to you and responding to your questions, comments, claims, or conflicts.
  5. Doing research or statistical analysis to enhance's content and design for our services, as well as for marketing and promotional objectives.
  6. Making any disclosures that may be necessary in connection with any of the aforementioned reasons, as imposed by law, or in light of any claims or potential claims made against us.


In line with any applicable legislation, you have the right to review and update any personal information we have on file about you.
Send a written request to our Alexandria, Egypt office if you have any inquiries regarding this privacy statement or wish to access or update your personal data. ACS Logistics Co. is situated in Gomrok, Postal Code 21513, at 58 Baharya Street.


To keep track of your visits to and to store personal information about you, we utilize "cookies." Cookies are frequently used by websites to improve user identification.
A "cookie" is a little bit of information that is transmitted to your browser and saved on the hard disc of your computer. Only if you access the Sites on a computer can a cookie be sent to your computer's hard drive. If you don't disable or delete the cookie, our web servers will be alerted of your visit each time you use the same computer to access the Sites, and as a result, we might be aware of your visit and the pattern of your usage.

Typically, we use cookies to recognize you and allow us to:

  • Access your account information so you don't have to re-enter your registration information.
  • Compile usage-related statistics from users.
  • Analyze user behavior to better target adverts based on their interests.
  • Track progress and participation in promotions.
  • Assist our partners in tracking user visits to the sites and processing orders.

By configuring the browser that is installed on the computer you are using to visit the Sites, you can decide if and how a cookie will be accepted. You have the option to alter such configurations. You can choose to accept all cookies, be alerted when a cookie is sent, or reject all cookies by configuring your browser's options. If you select the cookie-disabling mechanism in your browser to reject all cookies, you might have to enter information on the Sites more frequently and some services might not work.



We do not plan to sell any of our services to minors, and neither the sites nor the content on them is directed toward anyone under the age of 18. We are unable to determine the age of visitors to our site, nevertheless. If a juvenile has given us personal information without their consent, their parent or legal guardian should get in touch with our Legal Department at the number listed in paragraph C above to request that the information be deleted.


To prevent unauthorized access to the Sites, maintain data accuracy, and guarantee the proper use of the information we hold, we implement commercially reasonable security measures.

For users who have registered on the Sites, your password-protected account can be used to access and amend your Registration Information and Account Information.
We advise you against telling anyone your password. We will never call you or email you and ask for your password.

The user ID and password you use to log in should not be saved on a computer that you use with others.

Do not forget to log out of your account and exit your browser after your session has ended.

It is impossible to guarantee that data transfer over a wireless network or the internet is completely safe. As a result, even though we make an effort to safeguard the information we hold for you, we cannot ensure the security of any information you communicate to us; as a result, you do so at your own risk.



We will notify you of any modifications to this privacy statement by posting a new version of it on the sites. The updated privacy policy will take effect right away as it is posted on the websites. You acknowledge that the most recent version of the Privacy Policy will apply to any information we may have about you (as defined in this Privacy Policy, whether or not gathered before or after the revised Privacy Policy became effective).


We welcome any feedback you may have on our Privacy Policy as well as any criticisms of the services we offer. To contact us by mail, write to ACS Logistics Co. at 58 El Baharya St., El Gomrok, Postal 21513, Alexandria, Egypt.