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Depending on the ports of departure and arrival, an ocean shipment's transit time will vary.
In contrast to shipping from the West Coast to Europe, which often takes four to five weeks, shipping from the East Coast to Europe typically takes two weeks.
We can always provide you with an idea of the dates of departure and arrival of our upcoming vessels because vessel sailings are routinely scheduled.

Under the new customs system known as Advance Cargo Information (ACI), Egyptian importers are required to declare all relevant information about the items they want to transport to Egypt before the actual cargo is loaded from the exporting country.

Egyption Customs

Size, weight, and end destination all factor into the cost of shipping freight internationally.

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In supply chains and adjacent industries including trading, manufacturing, finance, energy, services, regulators, and governmental organizations, Cargo X was created for contactless, secure, quick, and economical original documents and documents of title transfer.
By using the platform, businesses can avoid managing mountains of shipping and business papers by hand.
It allows for the quick generation, transfer, receipt, processing, and archiving of private original documents that are protected by public, impartial Ethereum block chain technology. This guarantees all-encompassing auditability and traceability as well as secrecy and privacy.

Egyptian Customs

Household goods and commercial commodities are frequently moved more quickly via containerized transportation.
Your domestic belongings or commercial goods are loaded onto a protected steel trailer for a semi-truck (without wheels).
The container is loaded into a ship that can go across the water. The container can be put on a trailer for transfer to your final location after it has arrived.

Full Container lOAD

Marine insurance is an optional protection against loss and damage while traveling by sea.
For your shipments, Uniworld will acquire marine insurance coverage upon request (additional charges apply).
Uniworld advises acquiring All Risk coverage because maritime insurance is inexpensive. 

Cargo insurance