What is Supply Chain Management?

The term supply chain management describes a method for managing a series of procedures involved in the transportation of raw materials from the point of origin to an organization to generate a desired good or service that will finally be provided to its target market.

Any nation's growth and prosperity depend on a well-functioning supply network. It offers nations a competitive advantage over rivals in the market. Supply chain management seeks to reduce costs while maximizing effectiveness and productivity.

How does supply chain management work?

Planning - Sourcing - Manufacturing - Delivery and Logistics - Returning

Evolution of Supply Chain management

Today's supply chains are focused on managing data, services, and products that are packaged into solutions, as opposed to yesterday's supply chains, which were more concerned with the accessibility, movement, and cost of physical assets. In current supply chain management systems, more than only where and when are involved. Supply chain management affects the quality of goods and services, delivery schedule, costs, customer happiness, and ultimately profitability.

Modern supply networks are curated by data scientists and analytical professionals and make use of the enormous volumes of data produced by the chain process.

Future supply chain directors and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems they oversee will probably put their attention on maximizing the value of this data and conducting real-time, low-latency analyses of it.

The supply chains now are focused on managing data, services, and products that are packaged into solutions as opposed to yesterday's supply chains.

Supply Chain Consulting

To achieve higher levels of responsiveness and innovation, you can transform your supply chain procedures into intelligent workflows with the help of ACS Consultancy Services. Utilize emerging technologies like AI and blockchain to open opportunities at every stage of the value chain, from demand planning to order orchestration and fulfillment. Challenge processes to find efficiencies. Empower your people to execute and deliver.

Contract Logistics

What exactly does contract logistics entail?

Contract logistics is used to assign resource management responsibilities to a different company. Companies that handle contract logistics take care of tasks like creating and planning supply chains, building structures, warehousing goods, shipping them, dispersing them, processing orders and collecting payments, keeping track of inventories, and even providing some forms of customer support.

Why use contract logistics?


Compared to an internal operation, a contract logistics partner will be better able to handle volume surges and variations. Contract logistics companies can move resources around and react in ways that manufacturers cannot since they can share facilities and labor. The FMCG industry, which has aggressive launch and promotional cycles that can skew normal flows, finds this to be quite appealing.

Improvement of business practices

A contract logistics partner will be better equipped than an internal operation to manage volume variations and increases. Since they may share facilities and manpower, contract logistics businesses can respond and move resources in ways that manufacturers cannot. This has a lot of appeal for FMCG companies with aggressive launch and promotional cycles that can skew regular flows.

Better efficiency

Building an internal facility can take longer, but working with a 3PL can get you up and running in a matter of weeks. Working with a 3PL makes a lot of sense in this situation.


The cost of salaries may be less than managing your own logistical operations. The cost of outsourcing is reduced by much lower regulatory expenditures as well. Aside from that, companies might benefit from lower tax rates by conducting business abroad.

Project management

Project management is the process of carrying out certain project goals by predefined parameters by using procedures, techniques, abilities, knowledge, and experience.

Anyone can oversee a project, even if they don't identify as a "project manager." So. Project management's final deliverables are subject to time and budget constraints.

The primary characteristic that defines a project is the fact that it has a final deliverable and a designated time limit. A project professional therefore requires a broad range of skills, including several technical ones, as well as strong people management and business acumen.

Project management processes

Monitoring – Control – Communication - People management

Project management phases

Initiation – Requirements – Planning – Execution - Closure

What is a project?

A project is a unique, transient endeavor that is undertaken to reach preset goals, which may be stated in terms of outputs, outcomes, or benefits.
A project is deemed successful if its goals are achieved while remaining on schedule and within budget. The three pillars of time, money, and quality are the foundation of every endeavor.

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