Common Freight Keywords

APER. Meaning. APER. Meaning. APER. Meaning.
abt about eta Estimated Time of Arrival cr current rate
agw at going well etc Estimated Time of Completion crn crane
a/n Arrival Notice etd Estimated Time of Departure – ctr Container Fitted
asn Advance Shipment Notice ets Estimated Time of Sailing dc DRY CONTAINER
ata Actual time of arrival exw ex works ddu Delivered Duty unpaid.
atd Actual time of departure fac Fast as can ddp Delivered Duty Paid.
awb Air waybill fas Free Alongside Ship. dem Demurrage (Quay Rent
baf Bunker Adjustment Factor fca Free to Carrier det Detention (See DAMFORDET)
bbb Before Breaking Bulk. fcl Full Container Load disch Discharge
bkg booking fd free Discharge dot department of transport
bl bale feu Standard 40″ Container d/o DELIVERY ORDER
b/l (Bill of Lading) fio Free In/Out. l/c Letter of Credit
bn booking note flt full liner terms lcl less than container load -
bnk vessels Fuel and Diesel Oil supplies fo free out loi Letter of Indemnity
caf Currency Adjustment Factor. fob Free on Board mbl master bill of lading
cbm Cubic Meters frt Freight s/d shipping Ddclaration
cft cubic feet fr flat rack s/o shipping order
cfr Cost and Freight fyg For Your Guidance teu Standard 20′
c&f Cost and Freight fyi For Your Information t/s Transshipment
cif Cost, Insurance & Freight. gtee Guarantee vgm Verified gross Mass
c.o. Certificate of Origin – gw. GROSS WEIGHT min/max Minimum/Maximum
cob Closing of Business hbl HOUSE BILL OF LADING MANIFEST
Inventory of cargo on board
cod Cash On Delivery imdg Maritime Dangerous Goods Code mt Metric Tonne
cnee CONSIGNEE. imo International Maritime Organization m/v Merchant Vessel/voyage
cop Custom Of Port ind Indication nw. NET WEIGHT
cp Charter Party knot A measurement of speed ows OVER WEIGHT SURCHARGE
cpt Carriage Paid To lash To hold goods in position ot open top
skids Are bearers (timber or steel) rob Remaining On Board pol port of loading
soc Shipper Owned Container rf REEFER pod PORT OF DISCHARGE
ttl total shpr shipper rcvr receiver

Common Email Keywords

APER. Meaning. APER. Meaning. APER. Meaning.
adbb - all done bye bye ^5 - high five 1l - one line
bbl - be back later aas - alive and smiling ar - action required
bbiaf - be back in a few beg - big evil grin cta - call to action
bbiab - be back in a bit bg big grin eom - end of message
bcnu - be seein' you gmta - great minds think alike fao - for the attention of
bfn - bye for now wtg - way to go fwd - forwarded
brb - be right back was - was” originally fyi - for your information
cul8r - see you Later jk - just kidding fya - for your action
l8r - later lol - laughing out loud fyr - for your reference
ltns - long time no see mhoty - my hat's off to you fysa - for your awareness
tafn - that's all for now mtfbwu - may the force be with you hth - hope this(that) helps
ttyl - talk to you later rotfl - rolling on the floor laughing lf - looking for
wb - welcome back ruok -are you okay? vsre - very short reply expected
411 - information t+ - think positive nm - no internal message
4ever - forever tia - thanks in advance nnto - no need to open
asap - as soon as possible weg - wicked evil grin nonb - non-business
AWHFY - Are we having fun yet? asap - as soon as possible nyr - need your response
aypi - And your point is? bcc - blind carbon copy nyrt - need your response today
b4 - before btw - by the way nyrq - need your response quickly
dur - do you remember? cc - carbon copy ot - off topic
j4n - just for fun cob - close of business (day) que - question
:) - smiley face eod - end of day re - regarding
O:-) - angelic smile EOW - end of week RR - reply requested
:-O - yelling FWIW - for what it’s worth SSIA - subject says it all
:-> - grinning HTH - hope that helps TBF - to be forwarded
:-| - indifference IMO - in my opinion UDA - urgent document attached
)) - laughing LET - leaving early today NBD - next business day
:-( - sad face LMK - let me know NNTR - no need to respond
:-D - shock or surprise LSFW - less safe for work NRN - no reply necessary
8-) - big-eyed smile MIA - missing in action NSFW - not safe for work
WFM - works for me PFA - please find attachment NWR - not work related
YYSSW - yeah yeah sure sure whatever PRB - please reply by OOO - out of the office
ZZZ - sleeping, bored, tired PS - postscriptum SFW - safe for work
KISS - keep it simple, stupid PSA - please see attachment TL;DR - too long; didn’t read
NFC - no further comment PYR - per your request TLTR - too long to read
NRN - no reply necessary RB - reply by RTM - read the manual
NTM - not to mention RLB - read later SITD - still in the dark
OBTW - oh, by the way YTD - year to date Y/N - yes or no
TYT - take your time QL - quit laughing P&C - private and confidential
WFH - working from home