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Your Target Is Our Mission

ACS Freight consulting service team will be answering all of your questions regarding customs clearance, containers and even insurance.

Freight Consulting Service

With you step by step

ACS team of freight shipping consultants will be with you step by step to guide you and give you detailed logistic consulting service on choosing the right routes for your shipment. And help you pick the right container that suits your cargo's type. And answer any questions regarding customs clearance. Or help you get the insurance services you need for your shipment.

ACS's Freight Consulting Service

Choose the right freight partner that can put your business’s supply chain as its number one priority.

Arrange Meeting

Don’t waste any more time and resources picking overly-cost services. Our professional experienced consulting team will get you the best routes and will pick suitable services for your cargo.

Our Services

We knit together an astounding combination of all the logistic services you need.

ACS will offer you the best Sea Freight services you might need, with our specialized logistics team your cargo is in good hands.

Sea Freight

Enjoy smooth seagoing import and export shipments both 20ft and 40ft containers all over the globe.

ACS is offering you professional air freight services and solutions, helping your cargo reach its destination safely and on time.

Air Freight

Both air export and import for quick safe transportation according to the IATA/ICAO regulations.

ACS will offer you the best In-Land Transport you might need, safe, fast, and cost-efficient road transportation, to reach your customer anywhere.

Inland Transportations

ACS offers our inland transportation Services from/to any Egyptian Port

ACS will offer you the best Customs Clearance service in the freight field, promising a fast and cost-friendly customs clearance procedure.

Customs Clearance

Avoid confusing and time-consuming Customs Clearance delays with Brokerage technical services.

Incoterms are a set of definitions that serves as an easy language of trade to be used in commercial transactions around the world.


Incoterms are a set of definitions that defines all the responsibilities, costs, and risks of the trade, published by the International Chamber of Commerce to be used in commercial transactions around the world.

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